A Part of the day rush

£15k edition

Infamous one off public experiences

what you need to know about the rush

Every member begins the 5 Day Rush at the same time, with the same positions, lot sizes and starting balance. Each member will hit the same profit, same time.

You must follow all instructions, at all times. 

Key aspects

Please read all of the information thoroughly on this page. Any questions, get in touch.

Opening times

STarts monday 23rd november 2020

7am Monday (London GMT)

ends friday 28th novembr 2020

10pm Friday (London GMT)


This RUSH service finishes within 5 working days. After the 5 working days, depending on whether you chose to let us login to your trade account or sent us the capital, profits are withdrawn and paid out. If we logged in to your trade account, you pay us 5% of the £15,000. If you sent us the capital, we will pay you £15,000 minus 5%.

There are 2 ONLY until January 2021.

Our profit cut is 5% of the £15,000.

The 5 day rush