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J’s World

The home to one of the most controversial traders within the industry. One thing that can’t be frivolously neglected is the returns that we provide.

Regardless of what road you wish to go down when investing, you are in the right place. We offer a variety of services to cater all needs of upcoming and existing investors worldwide. There isn’t anything we can’t do when it comes to investing capital with OTC markets. Aside from all of the guarantees, returns/results, witty speeches and walk-throughs of what we do here, it’s important for you to understand who we are, what we do exactly and how we do it.

When it comes to endeavouring into business with us, we make it personal. Although the agree to disagree principle of mixing business with personal life, isn’t one to pass over; we firmly believe that our personal bond ensures stability and consistency with our investors.



Over 6,500 Investors Worldwide


7 Years In GBP/EUR/USD/AUD/CAD Trading


5 Years in XAUUSD Trading

I offer a truly unique set of services which are extremely rare to come-by. All of the returns seen when involved, are that of a small percentage known-globally. I’ve provided results from across the years, on a multitude of markets in currencies, commodities, indices, indexes and metals.


Look, let’s be honest. It’s not everyday you’ll find a trader willing to build a business out of the profits he makes. From personal experience, the ideology of trading successfully is to achieve freedom in time and finance. However people like me, wish to help others. We take our fair-share for the help we provide however the services you find on here, cannot and will not be matched elsewhere; not unless you’re willing to put in big bucks.



We showcase our results to ensure any potential or existing investors can see the capabilities when jumping on-board with us. It takes a lot to trust somebody with your money, such as family or friends, let alone that of a person/business who proclaims success on your investment, selling a dream most can’t suffice.

What you see with us, is what you get. All results displayed are that of our own, and all of which are done through MetaTrader4.

The best part about our services aside from the profits built, is the ability to fully-customise an investment to suit your requirements.

Anybody investing has financial goals, no matter how minuscule or grand they may be; it’s our role in the venture to achieve, and exceed those set goals.

All the investing/trading done within OTC Markets, is undertaken using the well-renowned MetaTrader4 Trading Platform. We receive a lot of questions regarding what broker we use, and that of our investors however it’s dependant up on the residency/location of said investor. Our own recommend broker is ICMarkets; although it’s ultimately the decision of the person investing whom of which they deposit capital with in terms of a broker.


New Beginnings..

Where you begin a journey with us, is all dependant upon what exactly you’d like to achieve, and in what way. We offer a range of services, although limited on availability, most certainly a vast selection to choose from.

Ask yourself. Would you like to learn the tricks of the trade... Would you like to trade yourself, learn at the same time and pay your fair-share every week and/or would you like to provide us with your desired capital, let us do all the work and split the profits respectively?


If your chosen path is learning, then by a landslide you’ve come to the right place. The only question you need to ask yourself is... are you genuinely ready to commit yourself to learning how to observe and analyse behavioural patterns within online financial markets?

If the answer is yes. Then please, by all means take a glance over our Ultimate Traders Course. We have provided learning and teachings for almost 4 years consistently, with great success. Those who put in the work, are now full-time traders. It’s all down to you. Non-stop learning. Ever-lasting profits. Constant knowledge building. And a happy life.


We understand that not everybody regardless of starting out, or those experienced in the world of financial trading simply do not have the time to dedicate to learning all about it. Our aim in this instance is to help you elevate yourself by knowledge, and in financial gain to provide an avenue for time to learn.

With our trading services, there is the one and only; J’s Trades. This is where anybody, from anywhere around the world can follow J on the financial markets. This is a chat hosted on Telegram, with constant updates, and a step-by-step trading relation between the members and J. You’ll be told exactly what to do, how and when you should do it. Stick to the rules, and guidance provided; you’re guaranteed to consistently profit day by day, week by week and month by month. The cost of J’s Trades is respective of the service provided.


For those who wish to sit back, kick their feet up and relax while we do all the work, which is fortunately a service we hypothetically speaking offer, then look no further. With our bespoke account management services, you can provide us with your desired capital while we do all of the work.

We take 50% of all profits from managed accounts, with all but one restriction which forbids investors from modifying trading positions in any manner. All investors are provided login details, with read-only access. Both ourselves, and the investor are legally bound in agreement to mutually agree to how management works.


Withdraw every 14 days.

All profit withdrawals are issued via banking/wire transfer.


A Truly Bespoke Investment Experience

Welcome to our most exclusive Investment Service yet. A truly tailored and individual experience for anybody around the world. You can invest as little as £250 into The Pool and up to £75,000.

Anybody, from anywhere, of any age can deposit funds into The Pool. All investors have the ability to withdraw every 14 days, and/or withdraw up to a maximum of 100 days. All investors must make at least 1 withdrawal within 100 days of investing.

Minimum Age: 17 Years Old

Minimum Deposit: £250 (GBP)

Maximum Deposit: £75,000 (GBP)