Welcome to our all new and improved online course for all levels of experience. This is our most affordable course released ever, and will remain this cost for the entirety of November 2020 at £249.00 (GBP). 

This course includes our infamous Educational Drive: Edition 1 which has been completely remastered ahead of the release. You will have instant-access to the drive online and/or the ability to download all content in the form of a .zip file format to use on any device. The content can be emailed across to any course member if easier. 

You can follow Jake live on the charts every week on multiple days, observing his every move on currency and metal markets, meaning you can shadow all trades on entries, exits, risk management, lot sizes, take-profits and stop-losses. These sessions of live trading are usually held on Zoom to ensure ease of access for those residing within and outside of the UK without interference. 

Jake offers personal one to one sessions for all course members every week. Each member has 2 slots allocated to their member profile for one to one sessions. You do not need to use both sessions in one week nor use them at all if you don’t require the teaching that week or for whatever reason cannot attend; they can be used the week after where necessary. It’s all at the preference of the course members; tailoring a course to suit the livelihood of you.

Account Management is FREE on the MasterClass course, with no limitations or restrictions on capital, returns, withdrawals and so forth. Jake will manage any members account, with any broker, any country however the trading platform to manage must be on the popular MetaTrader4

Since all members may wish to follow Jake’s trades with or without account management in place, you are allocated a free slot in Jake’s Trades Chat, where you can follow of his trades daily. The only condition is that you pay 15% of any and all profits made to Jake every week. Should you hold trading positions longer than one week (unlikely); you can pay the secured profits after.

The course lasts for 12 months, providing sufficient time for all members to learn, earn and teach themselves a new skill using the resources, content and mentoring provided by Jake. It usually takes approximately 3 months for any course member under Jake’s mentorship to see consistency in their own trades, standing on their own two feet. In the meantime, you will be following Jake’s trades, live on the charts, one to one sessions, educational content, free trading plans, free account management and tons more. 

Please get in touch here with any questions or contact Jake directly on:

Educational Drive


All course content, resources and material is included in the Educational Drive. This can be viewed online and/or downloaded in a .zip file format for your convenience.

One to One Sessions


All course members have access to online one to one sessions in order to develop their knowledge, understanding and course progression much faster. You can book up to 2 x One to One Sessions per week. Should you feel in need of additional sessions within a week, you can contact our course management department and request extra slots at no extra charge.

Live Trading


This feature enables all members to follow Jake live on the charts multiple times a week, shadowing the exact trading positions he takes. These live trading sessions usually take place on Zoom.


Bring A Friend Or Family Member On-Board For Free

For those wishing to start the course with a friend or family relative; we currently have an offer on for November where any member who purchases the course before the 30th November 2020 can bring one person on the course with them for free. Both parties involved in the offer get full-access to course features, thus saving you or your friend/family £249. 

FREE Account Management


This course includes free account management for all members. This means Jake will manage your trading account for free, with all capital legally guaranteed to ensure you never lose a penny. In the event of a loss, your capital will be reimbursed. 

Profits are split every week respectively at 25% to Jake for managing your capital and account. 

We accept any brokers, any country however managed accounts must be on MetaTrader4. We do not manage accounts on any other trading platform. 

Trades Chat Access


As a member of this course, you are entitled to join Jake’s trades chat free of charge at your preference. You do not have to join if you choose otherwise however you can become a member of the chat at any time while being on the course.

This means you manage your own trading account, and follow Jake’s trades. You can have Jake manage one account of yours and follow his trades on another yourself, the preference is always yours.

All and any profits made from following Jake’s trades in this chat require a 15% profit-cut to be paid weekly; if trades overspill to the next week (holding over 5 days regardless of how unlikely); you may pay the following week once profits/trades are secured.

Course Duration

Since all members begin at different levels of experience, we have enabled all members to stay on the course as long as they need up to a maximum period of 12 Months.

There are no additional costs and/or fees as a member of this course. We do offer add-ons for the course to increase the intensity of the content and teaching provided however this is at the discretion of the course members simultaneously with Jake. 

Please contact us for more info here on intensity levels.


How much is the course?

We have made the course as affordable to those with less capital to invest as possible. Please remember you are investing in yourself, not just us. The content provided is of the highest-quality around for this price. The below price is available for all of November 2020.

 Make the most of the lockdown period, get your learning on the go. By the time lockdown restrictions are lifted once again, you’ll have learned a new skill that can take you anywhere you want to be in life. Although it’s about the end-goal which is financial reward, that only comes with your time, dedication and patience to learning how to trade consistently and successfully.