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Who Are We?

That’s a big question although honoured to answer.

Let’s start from the beginning. Written by J.

Most of us in life set out on a journey in a direction we believe to be simple, easy and effective. Not knowing that later down the line it may change, or in fact will change before our very own eyes. However, with me it was a completely different route to go down. From the beginning, the idea to help others before helping myself was something I felt naturally inclined to strive towards. Now, deciding on how to help others is difficult when you yourself are unsure on what doors to open. All I knew was, that if I was to help people, wherever they may be, and whoever they are, I’d need a financial foundation to work from. Not because money is the be all and end all, however simply because it’s what makes the world turn. Money is something we all neglect at some stage in our life, and even some never find peace in it’s solidarity. Fortunately for me, I did. 

Funnily enough, I began in Architecture and Civil Engineering. Somehow, which although known to me, and unbeknown to most, I managed to acquire myself a job that others for many reason failed to attain. I knew absolutely nothing about the role in which I planned to endeavour in, though a few days spent learning what’s what, and I found my feet firmly on the ground. We are going back 7 years, almost 8 years now. This being 2 years after I first shown an interest in the investing and trading world. Back then (sounds exaggerated), the investment world was very different to those without the back-then deemed necessary knowledge, experience and what I believe to be ‘ridiculous’ qualifications. You would find it very difficult to land yourself a role in the industry that truly benefits you, and not just simply filling the pockets of somebody else ‘above you’ in hierarchy. Especially at 15-16 years old. When the majority of early-teenagers were out planning their day of fun, I’d be finding time to study, learn and expand my knowledge beyond recognition. Predominately down to the simple fact that knowledge has always been an interest of mine. The more I know, the easier life seems to be in practicality; theoretically speaking anyway. 

Before I landed the role in Architecture, I had my eyes set on the classic ‘Stock-Broker’ lifestyle. Investing in financial markets to make money. A few books later, I began understanding the basic infrastructure of how the markets worked, what they did, and how one could simply make a profit from investing. The strategy was unclear since nobody would tend to share much that aided my journey (not that I could find anyway – and I did a lot of searching); which meant a fundamental change in my learning was required.

Before I found my first payroll job, I decided to dabble in businesses of my own. Starting with nothing more than fresh air, and a college-friend; we managed to build a social-media influencing company where we’d profit on the amount of traffic brought to a website, and the clicks placed on advertisements scattered across the web-pages. At this moment in time, we were 17 years old. Completely clueless where business would take us, and in retro-respect had no idea on how to start out in the business world. Back then, social media had become ever-advanced and Twitter was one of, if not the most popular platform for all types of people and businesses to expand their portfolio on. We had a personal-idea for fun, which we turned into business. And that was following mass-amounts of people on Twitter to help amass a huge follower base to eventually sell something to. In light of this idea, every day of college, before, during and after; we would spend endless hours following tens of thousands of people from all around the word. Regularly tweeting generic and relatable content to help engage an audience which everybody could compare to. Eventually, the followers stacked up to the hundreds of thousands, and veered closer to the millions. Before we knew it, we had a strong-follower base whereby anything we tweeted out, would be shown to 100,000+ people as the bare minimum. This is where my college friend had a bright idea to market the social media profiles, and search for a way to profit from the marketing. This is where we stumbled across Google AdSense. This is where you would copy HTML code for pre-made ads (advertisements) onto our website, getting paid for every click on the ads. Eventually, we tweaked and adjusted our websites to bring in the most traffic. We eventually developed gossip articles and in-turn a gossip website. Talking about your everyday celebrities, news and gossip for the world to read. 

Eventually, the amount of traffic and clicks we received turned into a healthy 4 figure income per month, each. At first, I spent a lot of the earnings we’d make, making your typical teenage financial mistakes in which saving money wasn’t on the agenda. We live and learn for sure! 

After a year in college, this is where I found my first job. Now, most people I knew were applying for jobs via a vacancy website, submitting a cover letter and CV however I found this to be pointless as the only way you’d acquire the job is through educational achievements which stood out from the crowd. Yes, I achieved one of the highest grades, if not the highest possible on the college course in software programming/development however this had no relevance to the Architectural/Civils role I had my focus set on. Meaning, I’d have to pull the rabbit out the hat (magic) to acquire the job. Instead of the usual job applications, I ended up finding the email addresses for all local companies in the industry I wanted a role in, and emailed them directly. With of course my idea of a 17 year olds (almost 18) cover letter, CV and proposal for employing me. A few days went by, and the responses began piling in. 2 interviews later, I managed to walk out of an interview and immediately acquired the job. Now, let me tell you something. I had no idea what an earth the directors in the interview were talking about, the software they used, even what the business did in general; improvisation was my best-friend that day. I must also sadly admit, I was sweating buckets in my first suit, and by the time I walked out, I’m surprised the entire office and anybody in my path (front or behind) didn’t pass out from the odour I emitted. A drive home in my 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa, and a huge pat on the back, work starts tomorrow.

The best part about my position is that I had saved up a relatively large sum for my age, to which my role in work became more of a trophy than a job. Thus making it much easier to work everyday. My starting wage was around £800 after all the tax, and national insurance they unbeknown to me, added to my wage slip. I didn’t understand much of what my wage slip entailed, as long as I got paid, I had no care in the world at that moment in time. Eventually my 8am-4pm working role, turned into 8am – 2am, and then the same again. Even working weekends. For the same amount of money (£800) might I add, as like I said, i truly didn’t mind what I was being paid since I was comfortable with zero responsibilities aside from a suit, and a car to maintain with all it’s costs. Saying that, even my Vauxhall Corsa insurance was a couple of grand for the year. Somebody on less than £10,000 a year after tax, wasn’t exactly a wise decision spending almost 25% of that on a car that cost just less than my monthly wage. As I said, I had some money behind me from the college business (which was still running should I say). Eventually, after months of hard-work, I became the lead-designer on highway, roads and structural engineering drawings for a middle-east project known as Mesaieed industrial City. They even flew me out to present drawings to Qatar-Petroleum for the highway and roads infrastructure. Couldn’t complain aside from the fact a ginger 18 year old, had been flown out to 50 degree temperatures in a full-blown office suit. Imagine walking in that suit up to 1km along the Doha City Edge in hope of an adventure. I almost passed out a few times along the way, fortunately for me, there were kind-hearted people cycling along offering free-water to people like me. Ha.

As time went on, I began getting tired of working in my job while I made money elsewhere. The money I had made from the wages at my job, the business in social media influencing, I purchased a couple of cars, and began selling them for a small-profit. Copying an elder in my family whom of which made a comfortable side-income from doing the same thing on a much grander scale. Let’s set the record straight, as much as I loved cars, I did not want to be buying and selling them. Eventually, I managed to afford a new Mercedes. That’s when the great investment choices turned into bad financial decisions as wasting money was prolific since the concept for the value of money was totally absent. Nevertheless, the pressure was non-existent and I was happy to proceed in that direction. 

Now, a month coming up to me actually leaving the job I’d been working my ass of in, alongside the businesses and entrepreneurial adventures, I divulged a plan to start my investment ideas up. Bring them to life. And begin making money from them. I had the money to foot the start-up costs, which is what I did. A month later, I left, taking a massive leap of faith against all advice from family, friends and loved ones to stay in my job. 6 weeks later, through commission and profit, I managed to earn a 5 figure monthly income through the trading. 18 and life was becoming much clearer in the direction I wished to follow. To which I did so helplessly. 

And that’s how I ended up here, writing this.

How Did I Start Out Trading?

This is where the journey truly began. For me. 

Beginning my own personal trading journey was the same as anybody else first starting out in the big investment world. Unsure of where to look, what to trust and how to become good at it. Thing is, unlike most people, I didn’t aim to have someone else teach me nor have I ever been like that in any regard. Always self-taught, however I would highly recommend finding mentors even if you select multiple rather than one; the reason being is time. Since it’s so precious, there’s no time to waste. You should never feel reluctant to take a helping-hand, especially in an industry like this. There’s a very small margin for error when putting your learning into practice, which is why my methods of teaching are extremely concise, strict and accurate in order to achieve the results most seek, as well as myself. 

At some point, every trader knew nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing in regards to the charts.. what makes you any different?

I’ll tell you.. nothing. There are right and wrong ways to learn; should you find yourself learning the wrong way, it’ll only take you longer to achieve your goals in the respect of becoming a trader. Hence the importance of finding someone, or a multitude of people to help you elevate yourself into becoming the trader you search to be. Nevertheless, let’s get on to how I begun.

My first ever experience on the charts was through the infamous trading app Trading212. I would not recommend using this app, even as a beginner. These brokers and applications are only built for commission and sales; they are not there to enrich your knowledge to prevail in consistent profits from learning. As they say; “go to the source”. I don’t mean HP ketchup neither. Ha! Yes totally different spellings.. no need to be the spelling patrol. In this case, I’d highly recommend downloading and installing MetaTrader4 since this is the direct-app for the majority of your high-value traders (aside from those with custom-built platforms – hedge funds predominately). I began looking into currency markets at first, since they are most common and relatively easy to develop an understanding for in terms of how they work. Two economies working simultaneously for and against each other; learn the structure of an economy, predict it’s behaviour, compare it to the rival currency in the pair, and you have yourself an established foundation for analysis. The next part would be implementing that research into the charts.

After a week or less on the trading212 app, I eventually looked into binary trading. This was a fixed-type of trading investment, which back in 2015-2016, had very little regulatory governing bodies in place to help maintain the security and safety of investments. The majority of binary trading brokers were registered, approved and regulated by CySEC; which is a Cypriot based regulation organisation governing the security of investments within. Since anyone outside of that region had zero control over the management of their funds, a lot of fraud was committed in this industry; to which most came forth after years of people losing capital, with brokers not paying out what’s owed.

Here’s my experience. 

I stumbled across 24 Option. One of the most popular, and in what I believe the best of a bad bunch brokers. The communication had language barriers, however nothing a minor language study couldn’t resolve. I deposited a few hundred, and in-turn a few thousand over a couple of months. I lost a lot at the beginning due to inexperience and point-blank gambling without the necessary analysis to consistently profit. As days and weeks passed by, my knowledge grew wider, stronger and more intense in how the markets worked, the structure, the past, current and future outcomes; thus building analysis without even knowing. Research is key at the beginning; since it enables you to understand what to look at, and what not to look at.

Months on, I began to see consistency in the trades, making a comfortable amount of additional income from fixed-return investments. Something I was fully aware of in the respect of limitations, nonetheless I was happy as a profit is a profit. Eventually, the broker themselves reached out to me in search of affiliates to take-on-board new traders, helping them to make an additional income, and teach should I feel adequately experienced to do so. Of course, I insisted on hearing more since I was and have always been business-minded. If I could develop a business framework from what I’ve learned, and continue to learn, then the elevation process in my life could only take off quicker and easier. My time at this point, was very constrained thus making it extremely difficult to contribute time to a new business idea. In-light of this, I decided to contact an old school-friend to get on board with me and turn what I was doing into a business. And he most certainly struggled to say no. A business proposal can only be deemed unsuccessful when it fails. We took a leap of faith. 

We made contact with the broker regarding their proposal to become an affiliate of their platform, where an agreement was made. For every trader we brought on-board, we could earn a % of their profits, as well as an up-front commission for welcoming them to the broker, and depositing a specific amount of funds. At first, they requested we take on large investors only however I had only started with a couple hundred at first, and found that to be more than suitable for a beginner. After much deliberation, we agreed on £250 and above as a trading account deposit. We tell them what to trade, when and how. The entry and exit prices. The business mould had been created. Now to bring it to life.

A few weeks on, we developed a trading channel, much like the ones you see today however I shall explain the massive difference since we did this way before most people were aware of how commission worked within brokers; it was a relatively new prospect for brokers to push out publicly; though since trading was becoming more and more popular, they were all branching out for affiliates to bring in new people. 

We formed the business. We registered up. Locked and loaded, ready to take on the world. The trades chat was created; we didn’t charge any fees since our earnings were already secured in the commission from up-front payouts (CPA) and profit percentages (REVShare). Now, let me tell you something. For 3 months straight, we completely obliterated the charts, specifically on USD/JPY, GBP/JPY and GBP/USD. 3 months of very little losses. Since the return was always fixed when trading with 24 Option; you only had to manage a success ratio of trades to achieve an overall profit. Do the same thing day-in and day-out; then business is booming baby. As you may or may not know, this is not how genuine trading in forex and all it entails works. The success ratio was only due to the fact all returns provided by the broker were fixed, and the same for any losses. As long as you managed 6 out of 10 trades taken in a profit, there is a profit. 5 out of 5 (50%) being your break-even. In our first month, myself and my new found business-partner managed to earn over £10,000. Yes… our first month. All from commission of those we signed up, plus the profit percentages we earned from each person involved. 

As the money piled higher, we did our research into the broker we were using (24 Option); and found their regulations were completely out of our jurisdiction, meaning if they didn’t want to pay us, they didn’t have to. However we developed a comfortable and unique business relationship with an account manager representing the broker. Ironically, through Skype. Something I haven’t used before then or since. Due to the amount of profit those involved with us were making, the group eventually hit the spotlight and we became one of the most popular trading groups out of a select-few doing the same as us. 

From this point onwards, I began researching heavily into Forex (Foreign Exchange Trading) where the returns weren’t fixed; with the intentions to bring our existing customer base over to the more in-depth market of trading currencies with no limitations; only restricted by what we know. This is where the real-time study came to light. All day, everyday, non-stop self-teaching, researching, analysing, studying, and elevating my knowledge to benefit the future plans in trading and related business. The only concern for me was that the poor attitude my old-school friend, now business partner began to develop. It’s not entirely his fault, we all take earning a lot of money early-on in life differently; fortunately for me, I’d already experienced these stages of financial gain from a much younger age, putting me a few steps ahead in mindset. My intentions were to continue growing, for my own personal gain and to benefit those surrounding me inclusive of family, friends, loved ones and importantly the customer-base. I made numerous attempts to pull my business partner away from the binary trading element, however he felt more inclined to do things his own way, what he believed to be best, which I could only see as naive since we were so early in the industry to make those decisions without well-justification. I felt what I taught him business-wise, got the better of him and began clouding his judgement. However, we all live and learn, right?

Weeks went on. The studying became intense. This is when I decided to invest into IC Markets and trade for myself on a grand-scale, beginning with £3,500. A week later, I increased the capital by double, sitting comfortably on a £7,000 trade balance, ready to take the markets on. This is where the real lessons began. Risk management began to sink in. 

From here-on, things became counterintuitive between myself and my business partner, evidently drifting further apart as the days went by. We could only do so much together when our ideas for the future were somewhat different in their route to success. In the coming weeks, we eventually decided on parting-ways and became sole-sufficient in our paths to trading fortune. 

Now I was alone, it was time to buckle my seatbelt, and be well in for the rollercoaster of life about to set pace. Although scary, it was exciting, thrilling and fulfilling to know that my future awaits my presence. 

I felt by this point, I’d learned enough to consider teaching what I currently held in knowledge as a product, which is where the mentoring began. A very difficult prospect to get your head around since you’re putting the responsibility of others decision-making firmly in your hands. Something I’d always wanted to have the ability to do, now I have it… it’s a race to the top. One with myself, and nobody else. 

After around 4 weeks of planning, development and self-teaching, it was time to implement my plan and bring it into the real world. This is where I began the route to a full-time trader, solely and embarked on a journey of success. At a young age, the materials are something that motivates most, such as your houses, cars, jewellery, money to spend, clothes, going out, great food, party’s, also known as the ‘bachelor lifestyle’. We think at that point in financial success, that it’s everything people make it out to be, on the contrary, it’s the opposite. I wouldn’t say it’s a waste of time, just a waste of money. Since learning lessons in life is the only way to prevail and build the necessary foundations to elevate your prospects. 

Since then, I have helped 1000’s, if not 10’s of thousands of aspiring traders and investors from all around the world. Ranging from trades, analysis, teaching and mentoring to personal life guidance and advice. I feel business relations in this industry are best kept with personal bonds to ensure optimum focus throughout. For someone to become successful as a trader, they must learn to adjust their personal life, lifestyle and traits to suit the mindset; something you can’t teach by only making a person money. Which is how I first established the online course(s), with online one to one sessions, face to face sessions (in-person) and group sessions (a bunch of us in-person). I began letting people in, meeting up regularly, every day of the week with different people from all over the UK. With even some flying out from overseas just to visit me, and learn from what I had to offer. Since helping people had always been my goal, this is what shaped me into the person I am today. Lots of life lessons since, and I believe I’m the person I first set-out to be; although it took a lot to get here, which I don’t mean financially.

I won’t go into too much detail right now, as I’m in the process of writing a book where you can find my life in all it’s dory and glory written in stone. However in basic terms. By 20, I hit 6 figures in quarterly income from trading. By 21, I hit 7 figures in 2-quarterly income. By 24, I’m where I am now, consistently hitting the same numbers year-in, and year out; only getting better, stronger and more consistent in my ways. 

Up to 22, I took a lot of people on as my responsibility, eventually what I believe to becoming one of the most popular and controversial traders on social media. Despite all the financial gains, I had a lot to learn in life, and still an incredible amount to experience before I could look myself in the mirror, and say ‘you are who you set out to be’. I made lots of friends, lots of enemies. With success comes enemies, with comfort comes friends. Unfortunately the two don’t mix well at first, meaning you pick one, and work on it. Eventually you can have both, with hard work and dedication. As it goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

It’s not that I bit off my more than I could chew, it’s simply due to the fact I still had a lot to learn outside of the charts. Becoming the person I needed to be in order to help others become who they wanted to be. You must first learn to help yourself before you can help others, after all. As business grew, my mindset followed and the crowd grew bigger. The spotlight was firmly on me, with the pressure standing firm in it’s element. At this point, I had everything someone could expect from a full-time trader. A lovely big house in the ‘sticks’, all of the flash materials that come with the money, and a strong follower-base of ‘friends’, family, loved ones, and the customers I called my family. 

Eventually, the amount of money people were making from me began spreading around; with the amount of new customers coming in every day standing well in the 100’s. A lot to take in, and on, right? For sure, however I’m happy to help, even better so it helped me too. Where they made money, I did to. Where I made money, time did to. Not a situation to complain about. However friends and even family became complacent, looking to me as a piggy bank rather than the person behind it. Friends began taking, thus leading to me a point in my life where I needed to take a step back. The financial gain took a large toll on my personal life, as i had no time to dedicate elsewhere aside from the business. Since I decided to stop the cash-flow to everybody aside from the business, people didn’t take to it well, however you started our friendship and relationship without it, so why do you feel you need it when I don’t want to give it? Even so, I have always struggled to say no. Only now can I feel comfortable in rejecting someone’s requests unless there is good reason and intent in doing so; which is rarely ever when it comes to money. 

I took a step out. Now I’m ten steps in.

The question is, are you?

What’s Next?

Timing always feels unprecedented. It’s a part of life we all neglect and then appreciate. It’s not about what you’ve done, or where you’ve been. Just where you’re heading. I’m simply providing the opportunity to join me. Come alongside. Stand behind, stay in-front. It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re on the same mission, you respect the values, then I’m all for helping you become the person you want to be. 

I only offer what I feel I can provide. Realistically, when it comes down to making decisions, that’s all on you. There’s only so much I can do from afar and up close. 

Browse the website. Pick something you like. Take a leap of faith. 

I’m with you every step of the way.

Best of luck.